want a holiday that doesn't break the bank?

meet dose - the first neo-travel agency leveraging AI to curate unique nature escapes and affordable luxury getaways

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there's something for everyone

every trip is epic, personalised to what makes you feel your best. so what's your vibe?

  • Artist
    for the artists
  • Massage
    for the tired souls
  • Relax
    for the easy going
  • Wander
    for those who just want to get lost for a bit
  • Mountains
    for the thrill seekers

getting away has never been this easy

we're so confident in our product that we'll back it with our fun guarantee*

  • awesome getaways

    we leverage smart tech to predict getaways you'd love, and then organise them end-to-end

  • #dosefam

    need travel inspo? got a special occasion to celebrate? want to ask our community whether a teepee is waterproof?

    we got you. welcome to the fam.

  • ridiculously cool UX

    our app is packed with incredible features including rewards for trips taken, seamless social sharing, and creator tools to build your bucketlist weekend away

  • happiness tracking

    we help you reflect on how taking regular breaks positively impacts your energy and mood

we can't wait to take you places

dose is a powerful antidote to the daily grind. taking regular and fulfilling breaks makes the rest of life a little brighter. so #letsgo

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your questions, answered

  • what's the vision behind dose?

    our vision is to make regular, restorative breaks a core part of your self-care routine. by taking you out of your everyday context and immersed in new sights, sounds and experiences, we hope you feel more rested and inspired. 

    *all of our getaways are backed by our fun guarantee: if you didn't love your trip, we'll credit you the full value of your trip towards your next getaway (and make sure to get your feedback so we know how to improve!)

  • when are you launching?

    we're launching late '22 🚀.

  • how long are typical dose getaways?

    we are focused on bite-sized getaways that are 1-3 days in length. 

  • how will you curate itineraries for me?

    we will ask you some questions about your travel preferences and give you the option to integrate your calendar. this enables us to optimise the itineraries we curate for you. our intelligent platform will learn about you based on how you interact with our products. so the more you travel with us, the better our curation will get!

  • do you organise trips end-to-end?

    yes! our products are all inclusive of route recommendations, accommodation, experiences and most meals. the goal is to minimise headspace spent on logistics and maximise time relaxing. as our platform matures, we're also aiming to provide optionality for add-ons and substitutions.

  • my company is planning a team offsite soon, but I'd prefer to go with dose. will you be releasing an enterprise product?

    absolutely! we would love to help make mission-critical travel for businesses even more effective by focusing on employee wellness. we are working hard to bring an enterprise product to life and will share updates soon.